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Custom-made moss picture dentist's office moss mix plant picture 120 - 200cm plant picture "Moss Mix"

Custom-made moss picture dentist's office moss mix plant picture 120 - 200cm plant picture "Moss Mix"

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Note: Additional lighting is recommended for this product for maximum color intensity and depth effect.

  • handmade moss landscape with real preserved mosses
  • Depth effect through outstanding moss balls
  • lively appearance and dust-repellent properties through long-lasting preservation
  • no maintenance or additional lighting required (spotlight recommended)
  • no watering
  • only suitable for indoor use
  • biophilic design structures

Product Information

The article shown is for presentation purposes. After order confirmation, the article will be made for you in a similar form. You can also express your special requests in the "Personalization" section. The production and delivery time is between 2-8 weeks, depending on the delivery location.

For custom-made products and further inquiries, please contact:

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The preserved moss landscapes are a very easy-care and long-lasting natural product, consisting of 100% real plants, stones and wood. Gentle, natural impregnation techniques make real plants last longer and therefore do not require additional light or water. Thanks to the antistatic properties, the preserved plants remain dust-free even after many years and thus retain their natural appearance. Another positive influence is the improvement of the room acoustics thanks to the surface texture of the preserved mosses. As a wall painting with additional lighting from a spotlight, the preserved moss landscapes are a real eye-catcher and ideal for giving dark interiors a natural atmosphere.

Product details

  • Landscape style: moss bed
  • Weight: When installing, make sure to use the correct wall plugs for the respective wall type (all-purpose plugs, plasterboard plugs, etc.) 120 x 75 cm approx. 10 kg | 150 x 95 cm approx. 13 kg | 180 x 110 cm approx. 15 kg | 200 x 125 cm approx. 18 kg
  • Suspension: toothed suspension, all-purpose dowel/screw set
  • Frame: solid wood frame, MDF board screwed
  • Plants: Stabilized bale Provence moss - light green, natural green, dark green
  • Woods: none
  • Stones: none
  • Resin: none

Care instructions

Please observe the following care instructions to ensure optimal service life:

  1. Direct contact with sunlight or excessive light exposure from external light sources (e.g. full-spectrum light at short distances) should be avoided.
  2. Medium to low humidity is recommended. Too high humidity >70% or too dry air, e.g. heating air or strong, persistent heat sources, can lead to damage to the preserved plant parts.
  3. Thanks to the impregnation and its antistatic properties, only a small amount of fine dust is formed over time. We recommend using an electronic air blower at a sufficient distance only when necessary to clean ball mosses, flat mosses, and larger leaves, stones and roots. Lichen mosses and other delicate foliage should only be cleaned by gently waving the air. If there is severe soiling or drying out, the affected areas can be repaired with a care spray or replaced with new plant parts.
  4. The preserved plants must not come into contact with water or be sprayed or watered, otherwise their long-lasting effect will be lost.
  5. The preserved moss landscapes consist mainly of natural products, which have their own natural smell. This usually disappears after the first few weeks and is barely noticeable over time.
  6. Only touch the preserved plant parts with gloves, otherwise discoloration of the skin may occur. In case of direct contact, wash your hands immediately to avoid further discoloration of your skin or other objects. In principle, however, direct contact with the skin is harmless.

Try to follow the care instructions described to avoid premature damage. If you have any further questions about care and maintenance, please contact customer service directly at

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